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Low Cost Toulouse Airport Parking

Toulouse Airport is one of the main gateways to the south of France, and handles approximately six million passengers per year, which makes it quite a large international airport. In the Midi-Pyrénées region of the country, Toulouse Airport is located just five miles from the city of Toulouse, and the area of Blagnac is also just south of the airport. Due to its location nearby these areas, the airport’s full name is known as Toulouse Blagnac Airport. Montpellier, Montauban  and Bordeaux are others towns in the region of Toulouse Airport. Many airline companies serve a variety of destinations from the airport, and there are numerous facilities within terminal building as well. Passengers driving their own vehicles will find over 9,000 parking spaces at Toulouse Airport, available for different lengths of parking periods.

Toulouse Airport is easy to reach by motor vehicle, as it is well connected to all surrounding areas by a good network of roads and highways. From the city of Toulouse, motorists will head for the airport on the Allée de Barcelone, in the direction of Bordeaux, and will use the roads of the A620 and A621 to reach the D901 that leads to the airport. He airport is located off Junction 4 of the D901. Globally positioning coordinates for Toulouse Airport can be noted as 43°38′06″N 001°22′04″E. At the entrance to the airport, motorists will be able to see from display panels how many general parking spaces are available at the airport, and at the entrance to each car park, the amount of available spaces for the parking area.

At Toulouse Blagnac Airport, there are over 9,000 parking spaces available in various parking areas. Short-term parking is provided by the Express and Covered car parks, while there are also three long-term parking areas available. Motorists should use short-term parking facilities for a few hours, or up to twenty four hours, while long-term areas are more cost effective for a few days or weeks of parking. Some parking lots are within easy walking distance of the terminal, while others require the services of a shuttle bus to reach the airport facilities.

The Express Car Park is the nearest parking area to the single, large terminal building of the airport, and passengers parking in this area can easily walk to the departure and arrival areas. This parking lot has 315 spaces, and is available for parking of maximum three hours only. The first half an hour of parking in this area is for free. There is a maximum height for the parking area of 2.75 meters.

The Covered Parking area at Toulouse Airport is also known as P3, and is used for short to medium parking stays. P3 has various parking levels, and an electronic system which guides motorists to the nearest available space. This area is also very close to the terminal building and has parking spaces reserved for motorbikes and disabled drivers. Motorists with reduced mobility can use the special entrance to this parking area. For motorbike drivers, there are 140 spaces available, and the parking area is found nearby Hall D. Parking for motorbikes is free of charge.   

The Proxi Park has two long-stay parking areas available, one of which that is quite far from the terminal, and passengers using this area may need to use the shuttle bus services available in order to reach the terminal. The nearer long-stay area has 904 parking spaces, and is about a 7 to 8 minute walk from the airport building. The second area is much larger, with 3055 parking spaces available, and is about 15 minutes walk from the passenger building. Free shuttle services are available approximately every 5 - 10 minutes from 04:00 to midnight, and they transport passengers and their luggage to the shuttle stop in front of Hall D. The maximum height of this parking area is 4.25 meters.

A little further from the terminal, motorists will also find the Eco Parking area at Toulouse Airport, with approximately 3,000 spaces available. This parking area is also used for longer term parking stays, and is about a fifteen minute walk from the terminal building. Shuttle buses are also available for transport to and from this area, and take passengers to the shuttle stop in front of Hall D. The shuttle buses operate approximately every five minutes or so during busy times at the airport, and around every 10 to 15 minutes during quieter times. They are also available in the area between 04:00 and midnight.   

The parking areas at Toulouse Airport operate on a scanned barcode system. Motorists will not need to insert their ticket into the machines, but simply scan it face down to see how much to pay for their parking period. Payments can be made by card at the exit of the car parks, by card or in cash outside the terminal building, or by check at the car park Front Desk, located on the Ground Floor in Hall C. Cash or checks can be used at the car park Control Office, on the ground floor of the parking area P3. Customers can obtain a receipt for their payment at any time, even if it is a couple of weeks after their stay at the airport. Simply scan the ticket and request a receipt.

For disabled motorists there are 90 reserved parking spaces available, spread out through the various car parks. The shuttle buses are also able to accommodate passengers in wheelchairs. Although Toulouse Airport does all in their capacity to ensure the car parking areas are safe for their customers, the car parks should be used at the motorists own risk, and they are not guarded areas. However, the majority of passengers at Toulouse Blagnac Airport find the parking areas to be more than adequate and convenient.