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Toulouse Blagnac Airport Taxis (TLS)

Toulouse Airport is also commonly referred to as Toulouse Blagnac Airport, as it is located nearby the Blagnac area in France. The airport is also very nearby the city of Toulouse. This airport in the south of France is quite a large establishment, handling over six million passengers per year, and is well equipped with a variety of facilities. The Toulouse Blagnac Airport falls under the Midi-Pyrénées region of France, and Toulouse and Blagnac are communes of the Haute-Garonne Département. Passengers can travel to or from the airport by bus or taxi, but there is no train station on the airport site. Taxis offer transport to all nearby destinations within the city of Toulouse, or to the main railway or bus station in the city.

Toulouse Blagnac Airport consists of a large terminal building, which has its arrival areas on the ground floor, and the departure lounges on the first floor. The airport building, as well as its other facilities, such as the runways and parking areas, have been continuously improved and expanded over the recent years in order to provide for the ever increasing number of passengers which travel through the airport. The runways were also lengthened to enable large aircraft to make use of the airport. The terminal building is divided into various halls, and the taxis that provide services from the airport can be found outside of Halls C and D. The taxis ranks are outside the ground floor, arrival areas of the airport.

Toulouse Airport offers the services of an official airport taxi company, and customers can either hire a taxi on their arrival at the airport, or in advance, by making a reservation. A taxi can be booked by calling the airport’s call center at +33 (0)5 61 30 02 54, or at +33 (0)6 07 41 29 33. Passengers are advised to use only the airport’s official taxis, as other providers of transport may not be legally permitted to offer their services at the airport. Passengers should decline any offer they receive from drivers in the arrival halls, and rather go straight to the taxi rank outside the building. Official taxi drivers will always be at their vehicles parked in the taxi ranks.

Although taxi services are always more expensive than bus services, many passengers prefer a taxi for a number of reasons. A taxi can take you directly to any destination of your choice, and will deliver you to the doorstep of your home or place of business, whereas a bus has set stops en route to its main destination, which is most often the bus or train station. These areas may not be close to where you need to go. A taxi service is also more private, and the drivers are most often willing to assist you with your luggage. Passengers who are in a hurry to reach their destination should also use a taxi, as their services are generally much quicker than traveling by bus. The taxi drivers can also be a useful source of information, as they are very familiar with the area. They may be able to provide some advice on the hotels in the area, or offer some suggestions for good restaurants.

A taxi from Toulouse Airport to the city center will cost approximately 22 Euro, while a trip to Colomiers, Sesquières or Mirail will be around 23 Euro. Taxis to Labège, Le Palays, La Plaine and Eurocenter charge approximately 34 Euro. These charges are for during the day, as taxis usually charge extra for late night driving or for driving on Sundays or public holidays. Other charges may be added for luggage loaded, more than four passengers or for animals traveling in the taxi. There may also be airport surcharges added to your account. Taxis in France run on a metered system,  which means that there is a device in the taxi that records the length of your journey. The taxi fare is then calculated according to the distance traveled. Customers pay per kilometer traveled, and these amounts vary depending on the length of the journey. The first few kilometers traveled may also be more expensive. The metered rate does not include any extra charges applicable to the journey. It is recommended for passengers to discuss the general taxi fare with the driver before leaving the airport.

Taxis are available for transport to Toulouse Blagnac Airport from the city of Toulouse, and there are taxi ranks located at the main bus and train stations. There may also be taxi ranks in the more popular public or tourist areas of the city. Taxis may be called to come and collect you from your location as well.

With regards to taxis, Toulouse offers tourists and visitors the unique option of hiring a ‘Tourist Taxi’. This idea came about as many people coming to the city for business purposes do not get the opportunity to enjoy the city’s wealth of attractions due to time constraints. A Tourist Taxi will take you to all the main attractions and can be hired for one or two hours, and is driven by individuals who have been trained by lecture-guides. The drivers have also received a certificate that confirms their knowledge of Toulouse attractions. Further information about this service is available from the Tourist Office, which is a partner to the operation, or from the taxi companies of Capitole Taxi, Taxi Radio Toulousain, Allo Taxis Toulouse and La Toulousaine de Taxis.

Taxis at Toulouse Blagnac Airport are a popular way to travel to all nearby destinations, and provide a safe and reliable means of transportation. Taxi information is available on the official airport website, at